Thursday, November 13, 2014

Anointing of the Sick

A year or two ago, our parish priest announced at Sunday Mass that there would be an Anointing of the Sick service.   After Mass, I asked one of the deacons if my son could take part.  Once he heard that he has diabetes, he told me to definitely bring him.

My son was the youngest person at the service.  Most of the attendees (as one would expect) were elderly or older adults.  I think it was a positive experience for him, and I hope it helped him grow closer to God.  However, he was a little disappointed that he was not miraculously healed from diabetes.  I must admit that I even watched his BGs closely the next few days to see if his insulin requirements were changing.  I think I had that same hope that he would be physically healed.  Maybe someday in the future, he will be healed.  I do believe he received graces from the sacrament and possibly spiritual healing.  Really, that is the type of healing that is most important for us as we journey home to heaven.

Why are some people healthy and others have chronic, life-long illnesses?  Does God allow illness so that the sufferers and caregivers need to rely more on God?  Maybe it really isn't so much the burden that we think it is, but a help to grow in the spiritual life? Or maybe God just allows disease because we live in a fallen world?  He then gives us grace to work through it. Hopefully all these questions will be answered in heaven one day.  I will probably keep pondering these things my whole life as I ask God to carry me and my son when I am feeling sad or burdened.

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