Thursday, November 20, 2014

Broken Dreams but now BETTER Dreams

When my son was diagnosed with type 1 at age 11,  his dream was to one day be in the Air Force, possibly attend the Air Force Academy, and also fly jets.  My husband, being a private pilot, knew from the start that our son's dreams would go unfulfilled.  Of course, when people (even type 1 diabetics) hear that your son has type 1 diabetes, they tell you he can do anything.  While this is almost completely true, my son was interested in two of the maybe five things total that are off limits to a type 1 diabetic.

None of the branches of the military currently accept type 1 diabetics.  However, I believe there is a silver lining to this rain cloud.  Although I want my children's dreams to come true, what if my oldest had joined the Air Force and then was later seriously injured or killed while on duty?  Maybe his diagnosis was one way to steer him away from that danger?  In terms of flying, he could become a private pilot (with strict medical requirements that could be evoked for life if he were to have one unconscious event at any time, even when not flying) but he cannot fly commercially or fly large jets.

My son went through a period of time when he did not seem interested in planes anymore, but his interest has resumed.  He still studies military plane encyclopedias and aircraft mechanic manuals.  However, he now has a new interest - robotics - and he has a gift for it!  Maybe he would not have known about his talent for the subject had he not been diagnosed.  Although it is difficult to grieve the loss of a dream, sometimes it leads to a BETTER dream!

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  1. Reminds me of the saying about God closing certain doors, only to open other windows!

    I have been a T1D for almost 35 years, my 5 year old for 6 mos now...I never knew that about pilots or the military. Never even thought about it, I've always thought that we could do anything.

    Prayers for your son and his vocation. (and his mama)